Yoga, lets never be apart again.

This week, I was instructed by my osteopath to not go to the gym or practice yoga for a week.  It’s no secret that I love love love yoga, and have been a fan of the gym and the BFL programme for years (more on that another time!) but I have a little back spasm that sometimes reminds me I’m … Read More

Jonathan & Bhavini at Trafalgar Square

The awesome Jonathan and Bhavini are singing in Trafalgar Square today as part of DIWALI IN LONDON!  Come and show your  love. The event runs from 2-7pm and they’ll be performing at 6.30pm.  The crowds are usually massive at this event, with heaps of other great performances and contributors.  Lets hope the weather stays gorgeous.  With the Art of Living … Read More

When the music does its thing

Last night saw me and a handful of the mtmu boysandfriends at the very delectable Plastic People in Shoreditch. The reason why I’m sharing is that so much of the night got me reflecting about what we (at Yoga Jam) do… Slightly after midnight, I have to admit, I was slightly unimpressed at having to pay £10 to get in … Read More

We’ve only just begun…

Alright lovelies?! This post is ever so slightly overdue, but we just had to get on here and mention HOW GOOD last week’s Yoga Jam was!  Tickets were sold online in advance but twice as many yoga jammers turned up to get involved – straight after work, it seems, if attire was anything to go by – and luckily we … Read More

The sound of things to come

Preparations for Yoga Jam 3 are well underway and we’re excited.  Here’s why… The DJs are some of the best I’ve seen live in London, the music takes me up collective is made up of some of the hotttest talent emerging from our little bubble of the capital.  mtmu are my djs of choice and know they’ll be providing funky … Read More

No Junk.

There’s a new way to party creating a storm on our shores.  You may have heard of the Yoga Rave by the electro So What Project boys from Buenos Aires rocking Argentina and beyond, or seen awesome photos of sun kissed yogis at a beach party somewhere exotic.  But now even Londoners are being bitten by the bug of drug- … Read More

Yoga Jam 3

Hello all! Yoga Jam 3 is about to hit London Town on Thursday 22nd September 2011. ★ Creative Fusion of Contemporary Beats & Rhythms with Ancient Sanskrit Mantras (see short video clips posted below) ★ Preceded by yoga & meditation (no prior experience necessary) ★ YOGA JAM PRESENTS THE PERFECT BLEND OF SOUND & SILENCE, MOVEMENT & STILLNESS ! This … Read More