Don’t compare. Connect.

Recently, I’ve had burst of clients wanting 1-on-1 Sri Sri Yoga sessions this summer. This is so awesome, because I LOVE Sri Sri Yoga and am massively into new people falling in love with it too. I’ve got to say something about the trend though – there seem to be more and more of you alpha males wanting these sessions so … Read More

My Yoga Gem

As we get ready to celebrate what the Queen has been doing for the last 60 years of her life, it got me thinking about just one of the things I’ve been doing the longest in MY life (that’s 20 years of yoga – give or take) and what it’s given me. I’ll share my hard-earned gem.  The most valuable … Read More

We got the travel bug

Hello All! We had a little break in December in January as many of us from the crew were traveling to gorgeous places around the world (like Sydney, New York, Courchevel, South Africa, and Serbia to name a few) and it meant that we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the flavour of yoga jam you’ve grown to love. We … Read More