Weekend Free Yoga

Hey yogis, We’re very happy to announce a short series of free Sri Sri Yoga workshops at International Student House (ISH), Great Portland Street with Bhavini Vyas. The sessions are open to all, particularly those who are new to yoga as well as experienced practitioners looking to deepen their practice, and will include Sri Sri Yoga, delving into the wisdom of the original ancient scriptures of … Read More

Don’t compare. Connect.

Recently, I’ve had burst of clients wanting 1-on-1 Sri Sri Yoga sessions this summer. This is so awesome, because I LOVE Sri Sri Yoga and am massively into new people falling in love with it too. I’ve got to say something about the trend though – there seem to be more and more of you alpha males wanting these sessions so … Read More

We’ve only just begun…

Alright lovelies?! This post is ever so slightly overdue, but we just had to get on here and mention HOW GOOD last week’s Yoga Jam was!  Tickets were sold online in advance but twice as many yoga jammers turned up to get involved – straight after work, it seems, if attire was anything to go by – and luckily we … Read More