Yoga Fireworks

Wowzer, now that the clocks have changed we seem to be slipping further and faster into those dark winter nights which I oh so love.  If you ask me, London gets it’s romantic on in these cold snugly evenings and it means its dark enough to party in the early hours of the evening.  Hence November’s early evening Yoga Jam … Read More

Don’t compare. Connect.

Recently, I’ve had burst of clients wanting 1-on-1 Sri Sri Yoga sessions this summer. This is so awesome, because I LOVE Sri Sri Yoga and am massively into new people falling in love with it too. I’ve got to say something about the trend though – there seem to be more and more of you alpha males wanting these sessions so … Read More

Summer Jam

Yo! Believe it or not, the next Yoga Jam is almost ready to come out to you on 10th July at our old favourite spot in Lancaster Gate.  (To be honest, we missed the old fireplace, chandeliers and velvet curtains too much). If you’ve been there with us before, you might already know that we get packed out pretty quickly … Read More