First things first – those of you who have been in touch asking for details of our next event – we’ve got the next Yoga Jam coming up again in January – details on the site and facebook

But what we’re REALLY excited to tell you is that’s we have finally found a project really close to our hearts which we choose to support from here on out.


The Yoga Jam is proud to support BreatheSMART (IAHV Chairity No. 1103261), which teaches techniques to minimize stress, aggression and depression, initiating positive individual development in socially vulnerable groups.

The following is from the BreatheSMART website, where thousands have benefited from the techniques taught on the BreatheSMART program in Denmark alone.

breathe smart image dk

“Overall Breathe SMART methodology and practice helps to handle negative emotions and thoughts in a more constructive way. It makes for better sleep, greater accountability for ones own actions, increased ability to resolve conflicts and creates more self-esteem and confidence.

The BreatheSMART focus is to help socially vulnerable groups, mainly prisoners and ex-prisoners, those who are traumatized, people who have suffered abuse and directly involved with or on the fringes of crime. Moreover, the method proved to be extremely beneficial for many people living with stress, depression and anxiety.

The techniques taught in minimizing stress and aggression, initiate positive individual development and helps to manage negative emotions and thoughts in a more appropriate and constructive manner.

BreatheSMART offers courses in physical yoga exercises, special dynamic breathing techniques and meditation, the opportunity to tap into the BreatheSMART local community, and introduction to the so-called ‘knowledge points’. ‘Knowledge points’ are life stories and anecdotes that, through reflection, work to help deal with their own feelings, thoughts and life circumstances.  The methods BreatheSMART use are very old and are based on the techniques taught by the Art of Living foundation.


Often, prisoners and people who have suffered abuse engage in activities and social meetings where substance use and crime is the main element. The destructive practice is typically associated with fun, fellowship and community, and drug intake can be seen as a prerequisite for engaging in the social environment. Therefore BreatheSMART works on stimulating participants’ senses and give the experience of inclusion, community and closeness, without being affected by alcohol and drugs. Later, there is also the strong possibility and opportunity to be involved in prevention outreach programs when BreatheSMART conducts courses and training. “

“Since being on the course, I’ve managed to focus on life ahead of me and control my stress and anger.”  Course Participant, UK

“This course has shown me a lot. I have thrown out so many negative feelings. It was more than I expected and I enjoyed everything about it.” Course Participant, UK

With such a focus on gangs and intervention both in London and the UK in general, here’s to making a positive impact on our society through techniques such as these, positively influencing people’s lives.


See you in January at the Elstree Village.


The Yoga Jam crew