Untame the lion

We at The Yoga Jam have all been taking a little time, whether we have liked it or not, to reflect on how to manifest the lives we all dream of.  That’s the beautiful thing about a devoted personal yoga practice, with pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation.  If you’re spending too long not doing that which you are MEANT to do in life, what might seem to be your comfort zone, very quickly becomes your discomfort zone.

I for one have realized that I’ve found one extremely clever and convincing excuse after another to explain why I’m not doing X, or committing to Y.  So clever, that I don’t even realize I’m doing it.  Yes, I am constantly doing something awesome and exciting and fun with the people I love, but (yes we’ve heard this all before) this life is short and the sands of time slip through our fingers before we know it.  It really doesn’t matter if your life appears to be the most fulfilling, you will KNOW deep down if there is something else, however small or insignificant you may think it is, that needs your beautiful attention.  You, and only you, can know what makes you feel alive, what makes you feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose, what makes you feel like you’re living this life the way YOU were designed to.  Even if one thing is being neglected, your commitment to your practice will make sure you can become aware of what that one thing is.  And we’re all guilty of it.  We just convince ourselves we’re not, and occupy ourselves with what is in front of us because it seems to be easier.  Well my friends, its not.

I was teaching the YES!+ course this weekend where one of my awesome male students said to me ‘man, I thought yoga was for girls, but this sh*t’s tough’.  See, there is one, and only one, scary thing about the yoga mat – and that’s seeing the reflection of how you live your life in your practice.    How we are on the mat is how we are in our lives; If you’re giving everything to the asana you’ll reap all the rewards.  If you’re not bringing you’re A-game, your unshakeable attitude and beautiful smile to the mat, the same is true of your life.

The Yoga Jam isn’t JUST about getting more people to experience yoga or a holistic night out with other gorgeous yogis, or hearing the beautiful beats and sounds of our crew, its very subtly about taking that step into the unknown so that you can find yourself there.  We don’t know where we hide ourselves inside, and sometimes its somewhere so deep that we can’t hear ourselves anymore.  Well, its time to start listening.  Let The Yoga Jam take you on that epic journey from sound to silence, where you can hear that lion within you roar.


Thursday 6th December 2012

43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA


With AKOSIA, Vita Coco, Pukka, Yogi Tea, Nakd Bars, and Kanga


Tickets £10 in advance at www.TheYogaJamJingles.eventbrite.co.uk

Tickets £15 on the door




The Yoga Jam Crew