Don’t compare. Connect.

Recently, I’ve had burst of clients wanting 1-on-1 Sri Sri Yoga sessions this summer. This is so awesome, because I LOVE Sri Sri Yoga and am massively into new people falling in love with it too. I’ve got to say something about the trend though – there seem to be more and more of you alpha males wanting these sessions so that you can get good enough to be seen in a group class.  Hmm…  I do get it, I am sometimes the same – I don’t like being bad at anything and that means I sometimes (albeit rarely) shy away from showing my skills or lack thereof.  But until Yoga is officially made into a competitive (gross) or Olympic sport (hopefully never), I would hope that the Yoga studio is one domain in which we can continue to discover and develop ourselves without fear of being judged by other’s doing the same.  Here’s to acting a fool.

But I digress – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said the below this summer already.  So here it is.

 Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to and compete with other yogis around you:

  1. Your attention is outwards, and not on your own internal experience.  So, you miss out entirely on your own progress and development.  What a waste of time, right?
  2. You overdo it physically causing yourself an injury.  Everyone’s body is different every single day.  (Sometimes I’m super flexible, some days my hamstrings are so tight I can’t even reach my toes.) LISTEN to your own body.
  3. You don’t achieve your best because you set the bar lower based on what other less able people are able to do.  Again, people’s bodies change all the time, and at varying speeds and intensities.  What might be a tremendous achievement for someone else may be a breeze for you.  Yoga helps you unleash your awesomeness, so why settle for mediocrity?
  4. You don’t allow your body and mind to come together into harmony, making it much more difficult to meditate and relax completely at the end of your session.  Again, if you’re not meditating at the end of a yoga session, you’re just working out – Or stretching.  Boring and pointless.  The point of yoga is to take you deep into meditation. The physical benefits, as far as I’m concerned, are just the (albeit amazingly awesome) perks.  If you’re just doing it for exercise, well I suppose it is better than nothing.  But get out there and play tennis or something instead!
  5. You don’t experience the diamond nectar of connecting deeply with yourself and therefore don’t experience the true bliss that is to be found in EVERY moment in life.  Noone other than yourself can help you experience this.  YOU have to put in the effort to take yourself on that personal journey, and YOU are the only one who can experience it.  It can never truly be described to you and there are in fact no words which exist which could even come close.  So, you miss out on coming one step closer to understanding the meaning of life.  Boo ya.

In short, DON’T DO IT!

It’s all love.

I know for sure that The Yoga Jam is one environment where we’ve got our eclectic mix of hard core yogi’s, city suited newbies and everyone else in between, all doing their beautiful thing on the mat, letting themselves get loose with our badass DJ’s, live band, and gigantic smiles on their faces- regardless of who’s watching.  Big up if that’s you Jammers, you’ve got it right.

When we get in touch with the source of life, then all other tensions & worries which have been clouding this manifestation fall away and we can sing, dance, and be happy. -Sri Sri

See you on Tuesday.  Our delicious sponsors Pulp, Pukka and Cocofina will keep you replenished and rehydrated. Advance tickets available online, or its 15 squid on the door.  Proceeds on the night go to this summer’s chosen charity Sparkes Home in Sri Lanka.

In the mean time, check out our boy of resident DJs mtmu. fame, Matches and some of his handiwork. We love.