The Yoga Jam at the Alchemy Festival, Southbank Centre

Hello Jammers,

We’ve got some fabulous news!

This Easter, we have TWO upcoming events as part of the brilliant Alchemy Festival at the Southbank Centre in London.  The festival runs daily from 12th-22nd April where Art of Living will be hosting daily FREE Sri Sri Yoga sessions EVERY morning in the Clore Ballroom from 10.15-11.15am!

On Saturday 14th April and Saturday 21st April, the Yoga Jam will be brought to you from the beautiful venue of the Front Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, overlooking the River Thames from 10.15-11.45am, and as an extra special Easter treat, these events will be completely *F*R*E*E*.  We’ll be there for the blissful yoga, meditation and DJ’s, to make you fully ready to dance your heart out with the FULL Yoga Jam Crew (Thats all of us lot from the Art of Living Foundation & Sri Sri Yoga, Emma from Kanga, Shuba Giri with his brilliant band and our DJs mtmu. Crazy – we’re all in the same country at the same time!)

Oh yes.  It’s gonna be extra special.

So clear your diary and bring everyone you know.  Yes, EVERYONE! We know the Yoga Jam is truly loved so we have an extra large space for both the events, so there will be room for all you regulars as well as your best buddies and the new friends you didn’t even know you had yet.

It’s such an honour to be taking the Yoga Jam to Alchemy where there are such awesome events and performers participating, and we’re really looking forward to sharing the experience with you all.  See you on the mat at the Southbank centre! (Woo hoo!!)

Until next week, happy Easter everyone!

Lots of love


(Click on the images below for all the details and spread the word!)