Yoga, lets never be apart again.

This week, I was instructed by my osteopath to not go to the gym or practice yoga for a week.  It’s no secret that I love love love yoga, and have been a fan of the gym and the BFL programme for years (more on that another time!) but I have a little back spasm that sometimes reminds me I’m not superhuman when I try to do that bit too much. Ow.

I was again given the opportunity to become acutely aware of just how much of an impact my practice has on my state of mind and being.  Within a few days of no yoga and no gym, I felt heavier, more lethargic, less enthusiastic and less dynamic.  My communication and creativity was stifled.  My observation, perception and expressions were less positive.  And this in turn made me less funny. Shock horror.  It should be noted that these weren’t so noticeable that anyone else would feel the need to mention it, but it was something I was aware of internally.  I thought of other ways in which I could raise my prana (aka life force energy)… high energy fresh food, sleep, Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya, and meditation.  These all had a very positive impact but the depth of my meditations was noticably affected by such simple changes in lifestyle.

The fact is, Yoga and Sadhana have a very subtle yet very powerful effect on you, in that it quite simply makes you more natural.  That might be why you sometimes don’t actually feel any changes taking place when you’re practicing- because you are simply coming closer to your natural state.  Your inner self.  The effects are so subtle that sometimes you might feel as though you aren’t changing at all.  But actually, you are changing on the most important level of all.  You are coming closer to the self.

What could be more important?

So even though I didn’t enjoy the enforced temporary ban on yoga-and-gym, I appreciated it so much for reminding me what it’s like when I don’t practice, and how much I value the lifestyle choices I have made over the years. A week away was a week too long.  It’s not just something I do, it’s become part of who I am and I love it.  What’s more, I love sharing it – especially with the Yoga Jam crew.  So thank you guys, for being part of something awesome.

With Yoga Jam 4 just two weeks away, the DJ’s are working hard on their mixes and we’re working on getting CD’s available for all those who wanted to take the music home with them.

I’m off for a few days of deep silence, yoga and blissful meditations with the ultimate G in the Black Forest (at the Art of Living European Ashram). Lucky me!  But before I go – a massive THANK YOU to everyone who came down to support us at Trafalgar Square this weekend.  Performing in front of 20,000 was exhilarating and a wonderfully last minute treat. (I’m lucky that Jonny is so talented).  And whilst I’m away, read this (the mtmu blog).  It is brilliance. We’re honoured that they’re our boys.