When the music does its thing

Last night saw me and a handful of the mtmu boysandfriends at the very delectable Plastic People in Shoreditch. The reason why I’m sharing is that so much of the night got me reflecting about what we (at Yoga Jam) do…

Slightly after midnight, I have to admit, I was slightly unimpressed at having to pay £10 to get in but then convinced myself it was the same as paying £10 on the door for Yoga Jam. For those of you that don’t know, they have one bar when you get down the stairs supplying you with your hydration needs, music spilling over from the main room (loud enough to hear but quiet enough to have a conversation) and a very precious few seats. Apparently, the Bugz in The Attic crew were hanging out on the side, but I wouldn’t have known that if they weren’t pointed out to me. Then I realised I have very little clue what most of the people, whose music I listen to, look like… Further inside, you walk through towards the music, into what is essentially a big black room, with only the light of the DJs lighting up people’s faces so you knew they were there dancing in the dark void.

The good good Dego went on to play some of the best beats I have heard in a long time, and I slowly began to understand why I was voluntarily and questionably squeezed into a room full of people in the dark. Oh yes. It didn’t take long to realise that it was literally all about the music – letting the rhythm permeate your whole body until dance takes over. Apparently, “if you hadn’t worked up a sweat” he said, “you’re doing something wrong”.

It was amazing. It was insanely loud, but somehow not too loud to talk to the person next to you. They have the perfect sound system which means that the music hits so powerfully but doesn’t deafen you at the same time. The bass was up so that you could feel every vibration of the music come through you- from the ground up through your feet, all the way into your brain. So I gave myself the chance to follow the instructions and go through the process. I stood still, and listened. Whether your eyes were open or closed, it didn’t matter because it was literally as black at night in there. With all my other senses dwarfed by hearing dominating the field, I witnessed how long it took for the music to works its magical effect. No time at all. The music surrounded me, and observed how I could feel it in every cell of my body – Once you’ve reached that sweet spot, there’s no stopping you merging with the harmonious baseline melodies and perfect rhythms, and effortlessly letting go. I was in the collective consciousness, my mind was silent and my body free in the moment. This was yoga.

Like the best meditation, you lose track of time as though it doesn’t exist. After what feels like anything between 10 minutes and 3 hours of dancing like no one is watching, everyone comes out smiling, like they’ve abandoned some of their self limiting inhibitions in the darkness and surrendered it to the long gone beats. The only reason to take a break is to grab a bottle of water, before you carry on and see the next journey you’re going to let yourself go on. It goes to show, you don’t need drugs, you don’t need alcohol- the music gets you high. Music takes me up.

And that is exactly what the Yoga Jam is about- connecting your body and mind to the music… and then letting go. No judgement, no grief, no bad attitudes. Just being in the present and letting the sounds wash away your sins of the day, to make you fresh and new every moment. Your eyes are closed and your attention is inwards, and there’s nothing getting in the way of you reaching your self- except maybe your own mind. But we’ve definitely got that covered too. With the vibrant yoga doing what it does best, quietening your mind and revealing your true self before the DJ’s take over, you’re poised for your voyage to begin. Let the music take you away. Let the Yoga Jam show you the way home.