We’ve only just begun…

Totally grounded and reaching for the stars

Alright lovelies?!

This post is ever so slightly overdue, but we just had to get on here and mention HOW GOOD last week’s Yoga Jam was!  Tickets were sold online in advance but twice as many yoga jammers turned up to get involved – straight after work, it seems, if attire was anything to go by – and luckily we had *just* enough space to squeeze everyone in. The venue looked gorgeous, and the night started with some excellent beats dropped by our mtmu boys  as Jonny the Giant stepped in to take us though some blissful yoga. The chattering died down, both in the room and in the mind, and soon we were transported deep into the music and deep into ourselves, leaving our many thoughts of the day at the door with our shoes.  The yoga was so simple but so effective and hit just the right spot, before we went through a Smile Meditation in the voice of Sri Sri.

“Allow your smile to spread throughout your whole body. Let every cell in your body start smiling. With a smile, take a deep breath in, and breathe out the negativity”.

Twenty minutes later, we came out of the meditation with a live set of me on vocals accompanied by Amiee, and Jonny on guitar, who started the sanskrit set with an explanation of chanting, its effect on our bodies and mind, and why its so powerful.  More on that later.  The energy was built so that even though we started off on the floor, we were dancing our little hearts out in no time.  I’ve gotta say, there’s few better feelings than seeing a crowd letting loose on the ground, from the stage.   A few dubstep and drum & bass tracks later, the dj’s were left to it.

As we mingled and got refreshed, Jonny got ready to take us through our second round of yoga.  This time it was no joke even though everyone was smiling.  The pace and energy was much higher and everyone taking their starting position seemed more determined to do the full set.  The dj’s got back to playing more ambient tracks which “moved your mind before they moved your body” (thanks for the quote Ash, aka Dr Monkeez of mtmu fame. And the image too.  Me likey).  We did power yoga to the beats til there were few left standing, setting the tone perfectly for the ‘Radience within Me’ Meditation which unsurprisingly electrified the whole room.  That has got to be one of the simplest ways to go deep into meditation, especially if you’ve never done it before.  Easy peasy.  I personally know I zoned out during that meditation and revelled in the silent vibrations we’d been cultivating in our bodies the whole evening.  As I zoned back in and became aware of my surroundings, I knew we’d achieved our goal for the night at Yoga Jam 3.  The journey from awesome sounds to blissful silence, from energetic movement to peaceful meditation was almost over, and there was little left to do but thank the Art of Living volunteers and answer all the questions about when the next one would be and where we got 100m of fairy lights from…  (3rd November 2011 in London, and the private collection of the Yoga Jam crew, by the way).

Thanks for coming down people. The night was for you, and gorgeous *you* made it happen.

Since then, we’ve had some great feedback, and it keeps coming in- I’ll share some on here soon.  Plus, we’ve learned a lot about what to do next time to make it even bigger and better to make sure you have an awesome night again. You know that we’re going to keep on improving and keep on delivering your night out of choice – Where you leave feeling better than when you arrived, and not worse.  Many of you asked where you could get your hands on some of the mixes the DJs prepared for us, so I’ll keep you posted on that as soon as possible, as well as letting you know when some of the live music will be available as an EP.

Until then, lots of love,

Yogi Bear.