The sound of things to come

Preparations for Yoga Jam 3 are well underway and we’re excited.  Here’s why…

The DJs are some of the best I’ve seen live in London, the music takes me up collective is made up of some of the hotttest talent emerging from our little bubble of the capital.  mtmu are my djs of choice and know they’ll be providing funky fresh mixes for the yogis who like to dance their hearts out. I met with them yesterday and am excited about what they will deliver on the night. Find them on facebook too.  If we’re lucky, we might even have a few CDs of their yoga mix for those of you who want to incorporate their beats into your yoga at home. Awesomeness.  Here’s a taster from their podcast way back when. Happy listening.

Depending on the vibe of all you Yoga Jammers (yes, that’s you) Jonathan and Bhavini are likely to treat us to a few live tracks laced with the DJs beats, like they did at Yoga Jam 1 at Passing Clouds in Dalston.  They’re both finally back in the same country together and led the Peace Jam last Wednesday which had an awesome response.  We’re happy theyre back  and can’t wait to hear more of their stuff- Art of Living tracks with a fresh flavour.

Last but not least, we’re excited about our city venue because of accessibility with tube close by (Lancaster Gate) and lots of free street parking in the evening!

Click the Events link to see wagwan.

Love & peace