No Junk.

There’s a new way to party creating a storm on our shores.  You may have heard of the Yoga Rave by the electro So What Project boys from Buenos Aires rocking Argentina and beyond, or seen awesome photos of sun kissed yogis at a beach party somewhere exotic.  But now even Londoners are being bitten by the bug of drug- and alcohol-free events which we seem to be searching out.

We’re all being exposed to the more spiritual side of life, with words like yoga, meditation and prana becoming firm fixtures in our vocabularies.  It’s incredibly normal to buy organic, regularly attend a yoga class, make time in your day to meditate, or to know that if you’re feeling tired or lethargic, your prana is probably low and it’s time to implement those breathing techniques you’ve learnt.  With this being the case, it’s no wonder more and more of us are looking for a more holistic and energetic way to continue enjoying the faster life we’re so used to living.  As someone who used to be familiar with getting myself into some sort of sugary high, I fully understand the need to want to rave it up without feeling it the morning afterwards, and for all the wrong reasons.

This hip-hop child found yoga.  Or rather yoga found this hip-hop child. And I began to see, feel, taste, smell and hear the world more clearly.  One such legend  Q-Tip reinforced what my body was telling me,  in ‘The Remedy’:

“Yo duke, I need this dough so we can step to this party”
But we can all mardi grati
Minus that s*** in our body
“What that got to do with that”
‘Cause kid that’s the essence,
your physical presence
embodies every lesson
You can’t run the Rolls Royce if the engine is busted.

I stopped putting alcohol into my body a while ago, but I’m still giving it everything when the DJ’s doing his thing and playing tracks that I love, and still proving to myself that I’ve still got so much more to learn about who I am and this body that I’m in.  If I’m being a charmer, I can feel so much more confident knowing that I’m shining from the inside out without  having had to take something to get me there.  That’s the essence – your physical presence.  And if I’m being the type of girl that T-Pain might like to sing about, I know that I can’t in fact blame it on the alcohol – and maybe I should check myself.  Either way, I’m being a more responsible person, much more true to my core values, which is much more in sync with my modern lifestyle. I want to be waking up in the morning without feeling rough, and still have the ability to cane my day.  I want to be remembering the night before – and for all the right reasons.

I love yoga.  I love how it makes me feel during and after a great session, the people I meet doing it, the effect it has on my body and self, the gorgeous clothes I get to spend time in, and the way it compliments so many other aspects of my life.  Add that to the brilliant music mixed by skilful DJs (oh, how music takes me up), and dancing the night away with the best non-alcoholic cocktails at the bar, you’ve got an awesome night out I want to go to again and again.  You’ve got the Yoga Jam.