From of Sound to Silence, Movement to Stillness

An Intro

“The creative fusion of contemporary beats & rhythms with ancient Sanskrit mantras, yoga & meditation. Yoga Jam presents the perfect blend of sound & silence, movement & stillness.”

Hailing from our beautiful capital city (London, take a bow), we are Bhavini, Sachin, Jonathan, Amiee (from The Art of Living Foundation), Emma (from Kanga Yoga), DJs mtmu, and we all bring something wonderful and unique to what is The Yoga Jam. We all devote our time and skills to The Yoga Jam because we love good music, we love yoga and we love having an awesome night out with friends. Every so often, we combine different aspects of our lives into one night, and more and more of you seem to love Yoga Jamming with us too. Simply, The Yoga Jam is…

The creative fusion of contemporary beats & rhythms with ancient Sanskrit mantras, yoga & meditation.

The Yoga Jam is an alcohol-free event inspired by The Art Of Living Foundation – one of the largest volunteer based, humanitarian & educational Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the world. We’ve been inspired by so many people, both from here and from around the world, and salute all the honourable yogis out there who have the same goals as us. You’d be amazed at how many people from all over the world (including countries such as Argentina, Australia, Germany, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, India, Singapore and Mayalsia to name a few) support what we do and our mission to get more youths meditating and doing yoga, and making it an integral part of our busy urban lifestyles.

Most of us met, connected, and formed lifelong bonds through the Art of Living courses (such as the Happiness Program) which are run worldwide, and that is partly how we have such a beautiful and international network of support. But we are also growing through partnership with other awesome networks of people and individuals like YOU who are into what we do. We’re growing steadily and always want to improve so that we continue to deliver an event like no other. We’ve already been privileged to perform at such amazing places as London Southbank Centre’s Alchemy Festival 2012 & 2013, as part of the 2013 Brighton Fringe Festival, and the Om Yoga Show at the Kensington Olympia in 2014, and have got our sights set on venues such as The Roundhouse in Camden. And with the growing support we’re receiving, we know we’ll be Yoga Jamming there with you someday too. We’re evolving and open to new ideas, and we’re super friendly too, so don’t hesitate to chat to us at the next event or get in touch with us right here. So get involved – Like us on facebook (Yoga Jam – London), follow us on twitter (@theyogajam) and tell all your friends. See you soon at The Yoga Jam! It’s all love. The Yoga Jam Crew

The Crew

Bhavini Vyas
The Queen B

Bhavini Vyas currently leads the Yoga Jam Crew and events in London. She’s trained in music for over 20 years and performed all over the world. Practicing meditation and yoga since she was a child, she now works full time for the Art of Living Foundation managing events and teaching Yoga courses internationally. She’s in love with The Yoga Jam where her main passions come together.

Sachin Vekaria
The Front Man

Sachin Vekaria runs his own business and has a career in investment banking, as well as voluntarily teaches the Art of Living Foundation’s Part 1 and Youth Programs (YES!+) out of “school hours”. His interests and pursuits include snowboarding, golf and anything up a mountain! He says “Yoga Jam is that perfect combo of dynamic action and deep rest in a fun and informal club style atmosphere…and without the hangover!

Jonny Goldberg
Music Director

Jonny Goldberg is our ridiculously talented Music Director whose magic fingers keep the house band in check. He’s the one who keeps the arrangements fresh and the guitar beautiful.

Amiee Vyas
Medic by day, Yoga Jam vocalist by night

Trained in music since she was smaller than she is now she performs all over London but thinks The Yoga Jam is the most perfect exhilarating feeling outside of a nightclub.

Emma Bonnici
Teacher, Kanga Yoga

Emma Bonnici of Kanga Yoga trained as a yoga teacher with the International Sivananda organisation in Vietnam and completed her Kids Yoga Training with Rainbow Kids Yoga in the UK. She has been practising yoga and meditation for over 7 years, for the past 4 years deepening her practice of ayurveda. An avid traveller, Emma connects herself with others through yoga whilst following her passion for creating events and destined path of yoga.

Music Takes Me Up

Our Djs mtmu – music takes me up – keep the ambience just right and the beats fresh during the set. A force in their own right on the DJing scene, we are chuffed to have them collaborate with us

We Love…

The Art of Living

The Art of Living – The inspiration.  Click to find out more.  This is from their website: The organisation’s programmes are guided by Sri Sri’s philosophy of peace: “Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world Peace.” Whether its the practical tools, the enlightening wisdom or the international service initiatives, the organisation has something for everyone.  Get involved. It’s true love… ***

Sri Sri Yoga

Sri Sri Yoga – The sublime yoga we do at every Yoga Jam, designed to give a true experience of the essence of yoga, creating an in-depth personal understanding and solid foundation for one to practice at home. Sri Sri Yoga courses with Bhavini Vyas take place all over London, and she also runs one-to-one classes regularly for those lucky enough to get a booking with her. She says, “If you’ve never come out of your post-yoga meditation with a diamond tear of gratitude in your eyes, you’ve missed the point entirely”. Contact her directly on Facebook for more information or on +447876595862, for the most blissfull yoga you’ll ever experience. ***

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